The Studio at MWE has Arrived!

After months of planning and preparation, the highly-anticipated opening of The Studio at MWE  took place on Monday, January 16 in the Marrero Weddings and Events’ Danvers location.

“The formal grand opening celebration will take place closer to the start of wedding season, as we really wanted to launch this new venture using the same approach we exercise in planning our weddings … with minimal fanfare, focusing instead on ensuring its success,” says Paula Marrero, Owner of Marrero Weddings and Events.

The Studio has been on Paula’s “to-do” list for several years.  “We felt the need for a full-service, boutique-style wedding planning and design firm which can accomodate the needs of clients onsite for their decor and design elements, tablescape creations and floral options.  To date, there has not been a full-service salon which includes adequate resources to meet the needs of couples in so many capacities.”  In addition to offering a space where clients can feel comfortable browsing and manipulating the linen and rental options available to them, they also are surrounded by row after row of gorgeous vignettes designed to inspire every member of the family!  The Studio’s services are included in the full-service planning package for clients of Marrero Weddings and Events, but is also now available for couples who don’t wish to or perhaps cannot afford to have a planner.

Vendor recommendations are also a vital resource at The Studio.  “We receive at least a dozen calls each week asking us if we can just recommend a really good DJ, baker, photographer, etc. so we decided that it was time to develop an interactive space that would allow all couples to benefit from multiple services including vendor referrals, wedding planning guidance and education, and helpful industry tips.  All of these services are available to couples, whether they are able to afford or utilize the services of a wedding planner or not.”

“Our years of experience and knowledge of the talent within this industry enable us to expertly pair couples with just the right vendors, and we are proud to offer this service to every couple who requires some assistance in their planning!”

“We have been simply overwhelmed with the number of vendors who wish to partner with us in The Studio, and we are thrilled to be able to support them in return by connecting them with the couples who need them the most.”

If you have recently gotten engaged or if you are in the midst of your planning and wondering how to make the right choice from the countless vendors available to you, contact The Studio today.  You will feel your tension ease the moment you step into this beautiful boutique, filled with visually-appealling ideas and samples designed to inspire and excite!

“Over the years I have found that all couples really need is to be educated on their options,” adds Paula, “and having the background that we do allows us to put them at ease immediately, establish the trust so vital in this process and teach them how to make the choices which are perfect for them.”

Consultations at The Studio are by appointment only.   Contact The Studio at Marrero Weddings and Events via phone at 978.304.0773 or via email at




The Wedding Planners

The following excerpts are from the current issue of I Do Magazine

The rings $$$$ …

The dress $$$$ …

The venue $$$$ …

The peace of mind provided by a nuptial know-it-all?   PRICELESS

As soon as the proposal is announced, the barrage of inquiries begin:  “Did you set a date?”  Have you started planning?”  “How many guests?”  “Where’s the honeymoon?”

Panic attacks ensue, inevitably gaining momentum with the increasing input – and demands – from the people on the periphery of the festivities.

Her mom has venue “suggestions” (er, expectations).  His dad has a “short” guest list (100 people).

Her friends have strong opinions about bridesmaid dresses (in all the wrong colors).

Grandma needs a place to stay (for three weeks).


For some couples, ditching the ceremony and reception idea and neaking off to Las Vegas to elope starts to seem like a rosy option.  Such extremes are hardly necessary, however.  For many brides and grooms to be, a wedding planner can be just the person to deal with all the meticulous details – and ecessary diplomacy – to pull of the wedding of their dreams.

“A lot of people ask what does a wedding planner do?” says Ana S, a certified professional wedding planner.  The answer is, “We can do everything.”  “We can be involved as much or as little as a couple would like.  We can help organized, create and execute a very memorable event.”

Wedding planners have been relieving stress and providing guidance for decades, but many people ahve the wrong ideas about them.  These images were formed by the likes of Martin Short with that crazy accent as Franck Eggelhoffer in “Father of the Bride,” and Jennifer Lopez with her stash of emergency supplies as Mary Fiore in “The Wedding Planner.”

“We do have emergency kits like hers, but mine’s in a suitcase,” Paula Marrero says, reminding that in the movie Lopez wore her supplies strapped to her body.

Marrero founded Marrero Weddings and Events in 2005.  Prior to that she was an event planner for celebrity chef Todd English and once worked on a wedding with Oprah Winfrey’s personal event designer, Colin Cowie.

“Not every wedding needs a planner,” she points out.  In many instances, however, couples do need assistance with one or more aspects of the event.  “Some people need help with design. Some people need help setting a timeline. Some people are so stressed due to family issues,” she says.  “A wedding planner can be a great asset.”

In general, wedding planners offer several types of packages, each tailored to what a couple needs, though services and fees will vary.  “We conduct a pretty comprehensive consultation to make sure it’s right on both sides,” says Marrero.  “We don’t take everybody on because that doesn’t benefit anyone.”

Most wedding planners move the getting-to-know you process forward with the help of questionnaires.  “It’s mean for you and your fiance to sit down and really think about the things you like,” Marrero explains.  “I think people get so intent on planning a wedding, they forget who they are and what they love.  You want to make it your life, but just more special for that day.”

And yet, no matter how much a couple prepares, the chance that something can go wrong exists.  Marrero’s story of Mother Nature throwing a wrench into the plan involves hurricane Irene.

“We had a 350-person wedding, outside, tented, which didn’t really scare me,” she says, “but an hour or so before the guests were to arrive, the worst rain I’ve ever seen in my life began coming down.”

The tent puckered and two feet of water seeped in, causing the furniture to float.

“It was awful.  We took all the chairs and tables and moved them up on a raised dance floor and then ran out to get sump pumps,” she recalls.  “It was the worst wedding fo my life, but it ended up going off without a hitch after that and the guests didn’t know what had happened.”

While it’s obvious that wedding planners can help save the day, what’s no so obvious is that they can also save you money.

“People think that having a wedding planner is a luxury they can’t afford.  That’s just not true,” Marrero says.  “We designed our packages so that you will have an overall savings of the cost of our fee, if not more.”

Ana agrees.  “Weddings are really expensive, but a planner can save you money, simply because we know what we’re doing.  This is our job.””

“We’re here to support and guide,” Marrero adds.  “It’s about maximizing your day.”

Article by Sarah Ashley Durrell