invitationwordingguideblogHappy Engagement season! It’s Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. A big thank you to Paula and the Marrero Events team for having us guest post with them today.


As you dive into the planning process, and the to do list deadlines start to approach, you’ll find stationery questions begin to pop up that don’t involve your color palette, font preferences and design vision. One that often tops the list early on will be the proper way to word your wedding invitation and the etiquette guidelines to follow. That’s where we come in!


If you’re like most couples, you want your wedding invitation to be a direct reflection of you as a couple, while still keeping with proper etiquette. Our team of design lovers put together a pretty little infographic and guide to help aid the process of selecting all the right verbiage. We’ve also added in some tips and tricks giving a clearer explanation on what the different attire options are and how many postage stamps a wedding invitation actually needs.


Looking for more? We created an extra long list of 21 wording examples for absolutely every celebration style. You can take a look at the mega post up on <a href=“”>our blog</a> for a little extra help. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have in the comments! 

Groomsmen Gifts


There’s no single criteria to determine the coolest groomsmen gift as “cool” can mean many different things for most guys. That said, scoring truly awesome favors come with a bit of pressure, more so when the recipients are such loyal friends of yours.

No matter the type of groomsmen, a great rule of thumb is to make sure you get them gifts you would be glad to have yourself.

Take the stress out of groomsmen gift shopping with these tried and tested tips from

Keep it personal

Expressing your gratitude to these faithful men is best conveyed through gifts that hit close to home. Be mindful of your groomsmen’s different personalities and select gifts accordingly. Say you had a beer-loving pal in the group – a personalized wall-mounted bottle opener would be fitting. You can amp up the cool factor by having his name, monogram, or a short message engraved.

Find something functional

As a gentleman, you know that men consider functionality a key element when making a purchase. The last thing your mates need is another impractical item collecting dust in their basement. But keep in mind that functionality is subjective and unique to each groomsman. Case in point, personalized wallets are great gifts for your best men.

Wrap it up

Presentation matters when it comes to gift giving as it sets the bar for excitement. A superb gift requires an equally impressive packaging. Getting that genuine gasp of enthusiasm out of your buddies does not necessarily require impeccable gift wrapping skills. In most cases, groomsmen gifts come in neat packaging that are good on their own. Personalized gifts in a cool wooden box adds a manly touch to your groomsmen mementos.

Go for quality

Quality is one of the most important measures of a great gift. It cannot be stressed enough how sturdy finds add to the gift’s cool factor. Your gift symbolizes the bond you have with your pals; best make sure these are tokens that will stand the test of time. Opt for good quality finds like this travel bag.