Escort Cards … Express Yourself!

Your invitations have been sent.  The RSVPs are received.  The wedding is merely weeks away.  The excitement builds …  and then comes the DREADED task of assigning tables (and oftentimes seats) to your family, friends and undoubtedly a few guests whose name prompts you to ask, “Whose side are they on again?”

Creating a fun, inviting and charming escort card setup will enchant your guests, as it’s the first glimpse into what’s ahead for the evening.  This component, however, comes at a time when time is racing, nearing the Wedding Day finish line so very often couples will opt for simple, traditional escort cards out of ease and timeliness and – to be frank – because they don’t wish to make any further decisions.  However, if you plan ahead and have some options in place for when the guest list is finalized, you can very easily include a memorable escort card theme that will leave your guests in awe!  Here are some of our favorites …


Adding something so simple as a card holder can make the entire table look so elegant!

Everyone loves finding photos of themselves!  What a fun way to personalize your tables!

Great option for a rehearsal dinner or welcome gathering which is Casino themed!

Who says you have to wait until after dinner for dessert?

Love these bells for your guests to ring after I DO!

Perfect way to infuse color into your theme!

Ideal for a destination wedding!

Love, love, love this pop of color and whimsy!

 Want to give back?  Have guests plant their own seedling after your wedding!  Love will continue to grow!

Add a little fancy to your cards with adorable miniature bow ties!

Artists anyone?  Great for use at an art gallery or museum wedding!

Simple and elegant is always in style!

Simple LOVE this idea for out of town guests to see where everyone has travelled from!

This is just so pretty on so many levels!