How to Gift the Bridal Party When Having a Destination Wedding

If you and your intended are like nearly 25 percent of couples today, a destination wedding may be in your future.For many brides and grooms, it’s a way to combine their honeymoons with their weddings. For others, it may be a necessity. Because so many couples today live thousands of miles away from their family members, having a destination wedding at a midway point or back home is often more convenient for relatives and friends.

Destination Dilemmas

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of destination weddings is trying to get everything, including dresses, tuxedos, shoes, wedding favors, bridal party presents and decorations to the chosen venue. It can be quite a headache as well as costly to ship everything you need from your hometown to the site of your nuptials. By choosing the right items for your bridal party favors, you can effectively cut your delivery and transportation costs while also eliminating some of the problems of hauling all your supplies to the wedding site. These suggestions can also be used for other items you will need to make your destination wedding complete.

Buy Before You Arrive

In most cases, you are going to be much better off purchasing your bridal party gifts in your hometown rather than waiting until you get to your destination wedding site. Even though you might think you could save some money on shipping or luggage fees by purchasing items once you arrive at your wedding location, you will probably be too busy and stressed out to want to deal with running around finding gift items. Plus, if you are having your wedding at a popular tourist spot, prices could be considerably higher than what you might find on similar items back home.

Size Matters

If you do opt to purchase bridal party favors prior to arriving at the destination, it’s important to look for small, easy to ship or carry items, especially if you are flying. To save money, shop early so you have time to comparison shop and look for items on sale. For example, if you wait for Macy’s sales, you can often find beautiful jewelry, such as earrings or a bracelet to go with your attendants’ dresses, at a fraction of the regular price.

Be careful when transporting valuable items, such as jewelry, to your destination wedding. According to CBS New York News, more than 200 thefts from passenger luggage are reported at John F. Kennedy International Airport each day. So it’s important to never place these items in stowed luggage and to remember to take valuables out of your carry-on if you are asked to check them in at the last minute.

Send it to the Venue

No room in your car or in your suitcases for wedding party thank you gifts? No worries if you are planning to get married in the United States. Consider either shipping your gifts or having them mailed directly to your destination if you’re purchasing items from an online site. Of course, you need to discuss this first with your wedding venue so that it can be prepared to accept your supplies and gifts.

Purchase an Experience

Sometimes, it’s just easier to purchase a special activity as a gift for your bridal attendants, especially if your destination wedding will be abroad. Plan a surprise excursion, such as a snorkel trip, to show your appreciation. Or you might want to treat your entire bridal party to massages if your destination features a spa.