Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Engagement Season is around the corner, and we will soon be inundated with new inquiries from excited, newly-engaged couples.  This is actually my favorite time of year because I love meeting new couples and watching their anxiety fade after just a few minutes of speaking with them.  You just got engaged!   Where to even begin?   There is just so much to know, so many unsolicited opinions coming at you from well-intentioned friends, family and co-workers, so many vendor options, so many proposals that are impossible to compare to one another.  Yikes!

When a Bride or Groom first reaches out to us, it’s usually pretty clear that they don’t have any idea what they are supposed to ask (unless they’ve downloaded some “Questions to Ask” off of a site such as The Knot, WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings or Brides).  The point is this … you simply don’t know what you don’t know!

If you retain nothing else during your entire engagement, I want you to remember what I’m about to tell you … no matter where you are in the wedding planning process, whether you literally just got engaged last night or you’ve secured some (or most) of your vendors, the single most important thing you can do for yourself and (and your family oftentimes) is to call a professional, experienced, educated wedding planning firm for an initial consultation.    The reason for this isn’t necessarily for you to hire a wedding planner.  Maybe you need one (of course you do) and maybe you don’t.  BUT I will tell you this – you’re foolishly making decisions and spending money if you have not consulted with an expert first.  Wedding planners see it all … they know the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the inside reputations of venues and vendors and everything that goes along with all of it.   A professional, experienced and talented wedding planning firm should be able to consult with you, answer all of your questions, gently guide you if you don’t know what questions to ask, and allow you to exhale from the worry and overwhelming number of options you are immediately faced with when you get engaged.

Some couples tell us, “I’m not sure if we need a wedding planner but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to talk with you first.”  This is perfect and after we learn more about you, your wedding vision (if you have one yet), your personality and what is causing you the most anxiety, then we can help YOU decide if hiring a wedding planner is the right decision to you.    Hiring a wedding planner isn’t a luxury; in fact, it’s a brilliant decision for those couples who want the best of everything at the most cost-effective cost.  A professional planning firm (full-time office hours, planners who do nothing all day but plan weddings vs. wedding planning as a “side gig”) can direct you on how to spend your money wisely, effectively and determine what’s most important to you.

A planner may not be right for everyone, but a consult with a planning team IS THE RIGHT THING for every single couple.  Whether you choose Marrero Events or another professional planning firm, make smart decisions during your wedding planning process and educate and arm yourself with all the knowledge you can prior to securing any vendor or making any decisions about your wedding weekend!

One last thing …. planning firms don’t work only in the city they’re based.  We travel throughout the world working with our clients, and the point I’m trying to leave you with is to not be afraid to call a planner you trust no matter where they are located.  Location is far less important than trusting someone to help you plan the biggest day of your life thus far.

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The 5 Things Wedding Guests Should Never Do


You’ve most likely been to your fair share of weddings.  Not enough?  Too many?  Either way, let this post serve as a gentle reminder of what is and is not appropriate when attending weddings.

Wearing White … As the saying goes, “It’s the Bride’s Day”,

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Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holiday!

winter wonderland


Everyone here at Marrero Events would like to wish you all a very happy, safe and wonderful holiday season filled with bits of magic everywhere!

Wisam and Jack | Crane Estate, Ipswich

Ahhh ….  Wisam and Jack … what an amazing couple!

Planning their entire wedding from across the country in Seattle made for a lot of fun phone calls indeed!  This adorable couple knew exactly what they wanted and, more importantly, what they did not!   With a fall wedding on the gorgeous grounds of the Crane Estate, the bride showed up looking absolutely glamorous in part due to the ladies at Demiche!  The ceremony on the grand allee was breathtaking, albeit a bit chilly for October, and the beauty that was created indoors by the talented Karla Cassidy Designs took everyone’s breath away! 

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Escort Cards … Express Yourself!

Your invitations have been sent.  The RSVPs are received.  The wedding is merely weeks away.  The excitement builds …  and then comes the DREADED task of assigning tables (and oftentimes seats) to your family, friends and undoubtedly a few guests whose name prompts you to ask, “Whose side are they on again?”

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Escort Card Teaser

Tomorrow we will be blogging about fabulous and fun escort card ideas that will make you forget standard, traditional place cards!  Until then, enjoy this whimsical display which offers guests wedding wands to celebrate as their escort cards!

Courtney Graham Joins the Marrero Events Team

Marrero Wedding and Events is pleased to announce the addition of Courtney E. Graham to its growing team!

Courtney joins us as Associate Event Planner and has already been sourcing and developing new ideas to provide our couples with resources which will make their weddings truly unique.

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Randy To The Rescue comes to Boston | April 1, 2012

Some wedding gowns need a train.

Others require a semi-truck.

Do you dream of walking down the aisle with the help of New York City’s premiere bridal expert but your budget doesn’t include a trip to the big apple? Never fear! It’s Randy to the Rescue!

For the first time ever, TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress fashion expert (and resident “FOB” – friend-of-the-bride) Randy, is heading off the floor of Kleinfeld and behind the wheel of a big rig – to bring his favorite gowns, his unsurpassed dress knowledge, and his signature “head-to-hem” styling approach to you!

If you love TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress but live miles away from New York City, now is your chance. Email your name, age, location, and wedding date ASAP to   Marrero Weddings and Events is proud to be a featured participant in the Boston show, and we urge you to register today!   To learn more information, visit or


Marrero Events adds Award-Winning Florist to the Team

Karla Cassidy Designs has been a preferred vendor of Marrero Weddings and Events for nearly three years and based on the oooohs and ahhhhs from our Brides when they see their dreams become a reality on their wedding day, we have made a wise choice.

We are proud to announce that effective February 1, 2012, Karla Cassidy, Founder and artist behind the delightful creations of Karla Cassidy Designs, has partnered with Marrero Weddings and Events, enabling us to provide even greater services and amenities to our Couples.  Karla brings with her nearly seven years of floral expertise, and to say that brides love dealing with her is an understatement.

“As we continue to provide our clients with the most experienced team in the wedding industry, we are so happy to have Karla on board and to be able to offer our clients an expanded range of event design services,” Paula Marrero says.  “Karla’s genuine love for event design and passion for creating all things beautiful is a welcome addition to our repertoire and we are so happy to be working together.”  Paula continues, “Karla has begun working with our brides on their design consultations, and she has really added a unique dimension to our already personalized service.  Couples walk into our design Studio and can’t believe their eyes as we they are witnessing a customized, smaller version of their venue as they imagine it to be on their wedding day.  They love being able to touch and manipulate their linens, floral creations and rental options.   It’s wonderful to add more fun to the planning process, which can certainly have its stressful times.”

To learn moreabout Marrero Weddings and Events, The Studio at MWE or to schedule a consultation, contact us via phone at 978.304.0773 or via email at info@marreroevents.


The Studio at MWE has Arrived!

After months of planning and preparation, the highly-anticipated opening of The Studio at MWE  took place on Monday, January 16 in the Marrero Weddings and Events’ Danvers location.

“The formal grand opening celebration will take place closer to the start of wedding season, as we really wanted to launch this new venture using the same approach we exercise in planning our weddings … with minimal fanfare, focusing instead on ensuring its success,” says Paula Marrero, Owner of Marrero Weddings and Events.

The Studio has been on Paula’s “to-do” list for several years.  “We felt the need for a full-service, boutique-style wedding planning and design firm which can accomodate the needs of clients onsite for their decor and design elements, tablescape creations and floral options.  To date, there has not been a full-service salon which includes adequate resources to meet the needs of couples in so many capacities.”  In addition to offering a space where clients can feel comfortable browsing and manipulating the linen and rental options available to them, they also are surrounded by row after row of gorgeous vignettes designed to inspire every member of the family!  The Studio’s services are included in the full-service planning package for clients of Marrero Weddings and Events, but is also now available for couples who don’t wish to or perhaps cannot afford to have a planner.

Vendor recommendations are also a vital resource at The Studio.  “We receive at least a dozen calls each week asking us if we can just recommend a really good DJ, baker, photographer, etc. so we decided that it was time to develop an interactive space that would allow all couples to benefit from multiple services including vendor referrals, wedding planning guidance and education, and helpful industry tips.  All of these services are available to couples, whether they are able to afford or utilize the services of a wedding planner or not.”

“Our years of experience and knowledge of the talent within this industry enable us to expertly pair couples with just the right vendors, and we are proud to offer this service to every couple who requires some assistance in their planning!”

“We have been simply overwhelmed with the number of vendors who wish to partner with us in The Studio, and we are thrilled to be able to support them in return by connecting them with the couples who need them the most.”

If you have recently gotten engaged or if you are in the midst of your planning and wondering how to make the right choice from the countless vendors available to you, contact The Studio today.  You will feel your tension ease the moment you step into this beautiful boutique, filled with visually-appealling ideas and samples designed to inspire and excite!

“Over the years I have found that all couples really need is to be educated on their options,” adds Paula, “and having the background that we do allows us to put them at ease immediately, establish the trust so vital in this process and teach them how to make the choices which are perfect for them.”

Consultations at The Studio are by appointment only.   Contact The Studio at Marrero Weddings and Events via phone at 978.304.0773 or via email at