ZOLA Announces Most-Popular Registry Wedding Gifts


Our partners at Zola have announced the most popular items that Couples are registering for across the U.S.

Although we work throughout the entire country (and abroad), we have to agree with the couples based in Massachusetts – I’ve had my Le Creuset Dutch Oven for nearly 20 years and it remains one of my most cherished kitchen pieces to this day!

If you’re not familiar with Zola, you should be!  Zola has become an essential resource for all couples!

Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Engagement Season is around the corner, and we will soon be inundated with new inquiries from excited, newly-engaged couples.  This is actually my favorite time of year because I love meeting new couples and watching their anxiety fade after just a few minutes of speaking with them.  You just got engaged!   Where to even begin?   There is just so much to know, so many unsolicited opinions coming at you from well-intentioned friends, family and co-workers, so many vendor options, so many proposals that are impossible to compare to one another.  Yikes!

When a Bride or Groom first reaches out to us, it’s usually pretty clear that they don’t have any idea what they are supposed to ask (unless they’ve downloaded some “Questions to Ask” off of a site such as The Knot, WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings or Brides).  The point is this … you simply don’t know what you don’t know!

If you retain nothing else during your entire engagement, I want you to remember what I’m about to tell you … no matter where you are in the wedding planning process, whether you literally just got engaged last night or you’ve secured some (or most) of your vendors, the single most important thing you can do for yourself and (and your family oftentimes) is to call a professional, experienced, educated wedding planning firm for an initial consultation.    The reason for this isn’t necessarily for you to hire a wedding planner.  Maybe you need one (of course you do) and maybe you don’t.  BUT I will tell you this – you’re foolishly making decisions and spending money if you have not consulted with an expert first.  Wedding planners see it all … they know the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the inside reputations of venues and vendors and everything that goes along with all of it.   A professional, experienced and talented wedding planning firm should be able to consult with you, answer all of your questions, gently guide you if you don’t know what questions to ask, and allow you to exhale from the worry and overwhelming number of options you are immediately faced with when you get engaged.

Some couples tell us, “I’m not sure if we need a wedding planner but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to talk with you first.”  This is perfect and after we learn more about you, your wedding vision (if you have one yet), your personality and what is causing you the most anxiety, then we can help YOU decide if hiring a wedding planner is the right decision to you.    Hiring a wedding planner isn’t a luxury; in fact, it’s a brilliant decision for those couples who want the best of everything at the most cost-effective cost.  A professional planning firm (full-time office hours, planners who do nothing all day but plan weddings vs. wedding planning as a “side gig”) can direct you on how to spend your money wisely, effectively and determine what’s most important to you.

A planner may not be right for everyone, but a consult with a planning team IS THE RIGHT THING for every single couple.  Whether you choose Marrero Events or another professional planning firm, make smart decisions during your wedding planning process and educate and arm yourself with all the knowledge you can prior to securing any vendor or making any decisions about your wedding weekend!

One last thing …. planning firms don’t work only in the city they’re based.  We travel throughout the world working with our clients, and the point I’m trying to leave you with is to not be afraid to call a planner you trust no matter where they are located.  Location is far less important than trusting someone to help you plan the biggest day of your life thus far.

Marrero Events can be reached at 978.304.0773 or info@marreroevents.com.



Stunning Ways To Incorporate Beautiful Blooms Into Your Wedding Celebration


As much as we love pom poms and buntings which are used for decoration, flowers are still the number one way to decorate your wedding site. Flowers play a major role on your special day. They are only the main aspect that brings all the elements together to enhance the beauty and create the romantic tone of your wedding. They can instantly change the feel of a room and you can use them to dress everything from your pews to your wedding cake.

These days, many couples prefer to buy their wedding flowers through the internet. The internet is a new and unique way to order flowers for any occasion and send flowers to your loved ones or at the place where you want to deliver. Selecting the right flowers for your wedding ceremony can transform a simple venue into a wonderfully lush and colorful indoor garden.

Fresh flowers provide the ample opportunities to add a bit of originality to your wedding day. Your florist provides you an amazing way from which you can add a twist to the usual wedding flower decoration. From being a medium of decoration to a religious symbol, fresh flowers serve a variety of purposes at a wedding. In fact, flowers are a perfect match with a decadent and potent mix of color, emotion, and celebration.

When brides come in for a floral consultation, many of them are only thinking about wedding bouquets and table centerpieces. While these are certainly two of the most important ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding, there is a wide array of other places where flowers can be used to create awe-inspiring beauty. As the wedding bouquet is one of the most important ways to use flowers, let’s start with the most popular bridal accessory the wedding bouquet.

  1. Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is not just a bunch of beautiful flowers which are tied together. Wedding bouquets are actually a part of a wedding tradition that symbolizes good luck and fertility. In ancient times, generally, wedding bouquets were made from pungent herbs, spices, chives, garlic and strongly smelled flowers. Because there was the belief that the evil spirits, ill health, and bad luck could stay away from the bride. But nowadays this tradition is followed only for adding the beauty and show the personal style of a bride.

  1. Centerpieces

Aside from the bridal bouquet, centerpieces are the main part of the reception. The centerpieces are one of the decorative reception elements that every guest will notice when sitting down to eat. The use of fresh and beautiful blooms as centerpieces helps in adding color to your entire wedding venue and impresses your guest by their sweet fragrance. Wedding centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding celebration and enhance the beauty of simple tables.

  1. Cake Decoration

Most of the wedding florists often recommend using some edible flowers to decorate your wedding cake and to showcase of your bridal bouquet. It is such a great inspiration for many couples. Generally, wedding cakes are pure white in color, but the cake bakers use some colored sugar or some edible flowers to decorate the cakes and enhance the beauty of their cakes.

  1. On the Altar

 Flowers are one of the great ways to dress up your altar or the table at which you will sign the wedding certificate and exchange your vows. By using beautiful and meaningful flowers, you can make the altar look like heaven and one of the most memorable places of your wedding venue. For creating the stunning look, suggest your florist incorporate fresh blooms and some green foliages by keeping in mind your wedding theme and style.

  1. Flowers as Decor

Flowers can be incorporated in myriad ways to create visual points of beauty. Usually, flowers are used for decorating the wedding venue, but you can use various different varieties of blooms as pedestal displays, guest book tables, suspended decor, and chair adornments. Fresh flowers are a lovely way to brighten up the aisle and even directly perfume your ceremony site.