Thirteen Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner today

Paula Marrero, Owner of Marrero Events has been a Boston Wedding Planner for more than a decade, and during that time has certainly seen her fair share of potential wedding disasters.

“The single most important element to a successful wedding weekend is preparation, and no matter how well prepared all parties are, inevitably something happens that requires us to jump into ninja mode, make split-second judgement calls and find a solution in time that the client, their guests and the celebration are not affected,” says Paula Marrero.

Thinking you have all bases covered?  Think again.  Unfortunately as hard as you may have worked to ensure wedding day perfection, there are so many moving parts which all need to a align perfectly within a very short timeframe and this oftentimes culminates in wedding-day chaos.  We have listed below 13 actual scenarios which occurred during our 2017 wedding season and we hope that you will educate yourselves and hire a professional wedding planning firm to protect you from any of these affecting your wedding day.

  • Your wedding photographer (notorious for their poor communication) spent half of your wedding reception on Instagram instead of capturing the special moments of your day.  We can’t say this enough ~ ASK vendors for honest references within the wedding community.
  • You spent months designing your wedding, only to find that on wedding day the florist and decor vendors hadn’t confirmed with the venue that all elements were allowed and now your magical “starry night” vision is without any candlelight.
  • Your wedding cake was included in the venue package but the venue coordinator assumed you followed up and the cake never arrived (thus, no wedding dessert).
  • Your photographer didn’t check sunset times and plan enough time for outdoor / daylight photos and now your only wedding photos are of you inside your venue amongst your guests.
  • Your outdoor, tented wedding is a flooded mess because you weren’t aware that a tent should be installed days in advance to warm the ground.
  • The sales team  you contracted with at your hotel has left … their replacement takes over and then leaves …. and then THEIR replacement takes over and leaves.   Yes, actually happened.
  • Your venue has three weddings booked your wedding weekend and you are fearful you’ll run into the two other Brides and Grooms while you’re there.
  • Last-minute family members can’t book a room at your wedding venue because they called too late.
  • The transportation you booked realized on the day of the wedding that they didn’t map out the route well enough and now will run 25 minutes behind.
  • The band / DJ’s electricity requirements are higher than anticipated and now there isn’t enough power for the band, lighting, and caterers at once.
  • Delicate family relationships … enough said.
  • Intoxicated guests wanting to “just say a few words” during the toasts.
  • The event coordinator being MIA after guests were seated for dinner.

Stunning Ways To Incorporate Beautiful Blooms Into Your Wedding Celebration


As much as we love pom poms and buntings which are used for decoration, flowers are still the number one way to decorate your wedding site. Flowers play a major role on your special day. They are only the main aspect that brings all the elements together to enhance the beauty and create the romantic tone of your wedding. They can instantly change the feel of a room and you can use them to dress everything from your pews to your wedding cake.

These days, many couples prefer to buy their wedding flowers through the internet. The internet is a new and unique way to order flowers for any occasion and send flowers to your loved ones or at the place where you want to deliver. Selecting the right flowers for your wedding ceremony can transform a simple venue into a wonderfully lush and colorful indoor garden.

Fresh flowers provide the ample opportunities to add a bit of originality to your wedding day. Your florist provides you an amazing way from which you can add a twist to the usual wedding flower decoration. From being a medium of decoration to a religious symbol, fresh flowers serve a variety of purposes at a wedding. In fact, flowers are a perfect match with a decadent and potent mix of color, emotion, and celebration.

When brides come in for a floral consultation, many of them are only thinking about wedding bouquets and table centerpieces. While these are certainly two of the most important ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding, there is a wide array of other places where flowers can be used to create awe-inspiring beauty. As the wedding bouquet is one of the most important ways to use flowers, let’s start with the most popular bridal accessory the wedding bouquet.

  1. Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is not just a bunch of beautiful flowers which are tied together. Wedding bouquets are actually a part of a wedding tradition that symbolizes good luck and fertility. In ancient times, generally, wedding bouquets were made from pungent herbs, spices, chives, garlic and strongly smelled flowers. Because there was the belief that the evil spirits, ill health, and bad luck could stay away from the bride. But nowadays this tradition is followed only for adding the beauty and show the personal style of a bride.

  1. Centerpieces

Aside from the bridal bouquet, centerpieces are the main part of the reception. The centerpieces are one of the decorative reception elements that every guest will notice when sitting down to eat. The use of fresh and beautiful blooms as centerpieces helps in adding color to your entire wedding venue and impresses your guest by their sweet fragrance. Wedding centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding celebration and enhance the beauty of simple tables.

  1. Cake Decoration

Most of the wedding florists often recommend using some edible flowers to decorate your wedding cake and to showcase of your bridal bouquet. It is such a great inspiration for many couples. Generally, wedding cakes are pure white in color, but the cake bakers use some colored sugar or some edible flowers to decorate the cakes and enhance the beauty of their cakes.

  1. On the Altar

 Flowers are one of the great ways to dress up your altar or the table at which you will sign the wedding certificate and exchange your vows. By using beautiful and meaningful flowers, you can make the altar look like heaven and one of the most memorable places of your wedding venue. For creating the stunning look, suggest your florist incorporate fresh blooms and some green foliages by keeping in mind your wedding theme and style.

  1. Flowers as Decor

Flowers can be incorporated in myriad ways to create visual points of beauty. Usually, flowers are used for decorating the wedding venue, but you can use various different varieties of blooms as pedestal displays, guest book tables, suspended decor, and chair adornments. Fresh flowers are a lovely way to brighten up the aisle and even directly perfume your ceremony site.


Our Favorite Maine Wedding Venues

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.33.28 PM

Maine has always held a special place in my heart.  Having grown up on the coast in Rhode Island, the shores and beaches of Maine have always felt like a second home to me.   As soon as you drive past the sign welcoming you to Maine and informing you that Maine is “the way life should be”, you know you’re in a good place!

No matter what draws you to Maine, whether it’s the ocean, the breathtaking rocky coast, the celebrity “cottages” or the infinite lobster shanties and blueberry pies, there is just something that is undoubtedly relaxing and special about settling in for a weekend here.  Aside from the variety of small towns and secluded coastal nooks and crannies, Maine also offers some very beautiful, very special and very memorable options for weddings!  Here are a few of our very favorite Maine Wedding Venues:

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

I can recall driving around New England several years ago with one of my most favorite Brides of all time, searching for what she called “the perfect tree” to be married under.  “I’ll know it when I see it,” I recall her telling me over and over as we drove from barn to barn to barn.   When we pulled up to Wells Reserve at Laudholm, I heard her gasp and exclaim “That’s it”.  And from that moment on, I have so clearly understood what makes this space so utterly charming, romantic and unlike any other wedding space in New England.

Driving into Laudholm is beautiful, and as soon as you see the old barn and vast grounds, it’s clear that this is unabashedly, quintessentially Maine with it’s rolling grassy fields leading right down to a beautiful clearing of beach suitable for the most breathtaking of wedding photos!   There is something for everyone on this property and whether you have a smaller, more intimate wedding in their barn or a more upscale, larger tented wedding, this venue is sure to delight and leave your guests saying, “Ahhhhh” as they depart!   Laudholm is simply romantic, charming, and utterly blissful.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.33.50 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.34.55 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.35.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.35.29 PM


Hidden Pond Resort

If your idea of celebrating your wedding weekend with your family and friends includes spending as much time together as possible in a luxurious yet rustic woodland retreat, then Hidden Pond is the perfect venue for you!

Offering luxuriously appointed bungalows and cottages straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, this retreat is world renowned for it’s world-class cuisine at Earth, it’s onsite restaurant complete with an adults only section underneath roaring fire pits and poolside seating.

Whether you celebrate your nuptials in their woodland barn, add a bit of sparkle by having a tented celebration or marry on the beach, Hidden Pond Resort is definitely a magical location!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.30.14 PM

Hidden pond2

Hidden pond 1

hidden pond

The Nonantum Resort

Located right on Ocean Avenue steps away from the charming Kennbunkport shops and restaurants, the Nonantum Resort offers one of the most elegant seaside wedding venues.  The beauty of this gem of a resort is that your guests can all stay in one location and enjoy every second of your wedding weekend!  Whether you prefer an outdoor, tented wedding or a wedding inside their seaside ballroom, you will have the wedding of your dreams at the Nonantum Resort.

This resort is also steps away from some of the most stunning, soft sand beaches in New England and your guests will love to sit and relax amidst the adirondack chairs strewn throughout the back.


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.46.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.46.16 PM

French’s Point

Wedding celebrations at French’s Point have the combined feel of a family vacation and a reunion with friends with that extra icing on the cake – a wedding!   Couples choose French’s Point for their wedding location because of the beautiful grounds & facilities, the extensive privacy, and because there is literally something for everyone!  Your guests can enjoy everything from morning yoga to attending the most special wedding they’ve ever seen … Yours!

Frenchs point5

French's Point1 French's Point 3


Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

wedding planner

Whether or not you “think” you can afford a planner, want a planner, want to work with a planner, there is simply so much that a newly-engaged couple knows about the process.  Couples owe it to themselves to consult with a professional wedding planning firm prior to committing to any wedding vendors. Professional wedding consultant firms can educate and guide you so that you make wise and cost-effective choices regardless of your budget and vision!    Check back soon for our next post on Finding the Right Wedding Planner for you.