Trash The Dress

Trashing the dress … when brides (and grooms) work with their photographers to create beautiful, sensual, edgy, raw and oftentimes downright dirty artistic memories of the final day in their wedding gown.  Understandably, not all brides are willing to literally “trash” their beloved wedding gown, and trashing the dress can be done in ways that the gown survives.  For me?  I think I want to get married JUST to have a “trash the dress” photo shoot … take a look at some of my very favorites shots …

With love,   Paula ….

This photo exemplifies what I love about trashing the dress … amazing shot by Segerius-Bruce Photography.

Great shot by KJP Images


Mark Burton Photography took this adorable shot!


I love this couple’s enthusiam!  Thanks to Daniel Syzsz!

So tender …. photo by Essential Moments

Divine Caroline took this couple to a whole new level!