Wedding Favors … our Favorites!

12 Best Edible Wedding Favors

Colin Cowie says it best … wedding favors are back!

Guests love to walk away from your wedding with a “favor” … but who wants to spend money on items that will end up in the trash?

Edible items are always the way to go …. and a delicious way to give your heartfelt thanks!  For some reason, we have found over the years that no matter how grandiose the celebration, no matter how much food is served or dancing is enjoyed, guests simply LOVE being given a “to go” gift as they leave!  Even if it’s just a cookie or warm cider donut to enjoy on the ride home, here are some items they will simply love!

1. Spice up your guests evening with a bottle of custom hot sauce.

DIY by Something Turquoise

2. Fresh buttermilk biscuits? Yes, please! Your guests are sure to appreciate these for breakfast the morning after your wedding, and we often include them in their “Welcome Bags” at their hotel to enjoy the morning after!

Jose Villa

3. Trail mix is another great item to include in the Welcome Bags to allow guests a healthy, munchy treat throughout the weekend!

Caroline Evan Photography

4. Thank guests for popping in with a favor of popcorn kernels!

Courtesy of Dell Cove Spices

5. Candy apples are an amazing wedding favor for a fall wedding and a decadent treat that most of us never indulge in!

Raya Carlisle Photography

6. Homemade jam is a wonderful way to remind them the morning after of what a wonderful time they had!

Jesslaine Elise Photography

7. Bottles of Infused Oils  make for an elegant and delicious way to give thanks to your wedding guests.

Photo by Nato Welton

8. Satisfy their sweet tooth. Jars of candy are a surefire way to send wedding guests home happy.  No one doesn’t delight at the sight of sugary sweets!

Courtesy of Brit + Co

9. Time to get it popping! Guests can continue the celebration after the party ends with mini bottles of pink champagne.

10. How cute are flower lollipops for a spring wedding? Bonus points for matching your pops to your wedding colors!

DIY by Sprinkle Bakes

11. Macarons are always a fan favorite, and adorable packaging makes this gift even sweeter.

12. Love truly is sweet! Personalized jars of maple syrup are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.